Go to Your Studio: Routine and Ritual

by jeanniethomma

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Monday Morning Meditations and Musings

The following is an excerpt from my book, Brave Artist: Getting the Work Done

Go to Your Studio: Routine & Ritual

The law of inertia states that a body at rest will stay at rest, and a body in motion will stay in motion.  This is true of each of us.  One of your primary responsibilities as a Brave Artist is to find ways to over-ride or circumvent the circumstances of your daily life that interfere with your vision.  Your creativity is your life’s work.  That’s big!  Does the amount of time that you’ve created in your schedule reflect the magnitude and importance of this work?

It’s your job to not only schedule the time to work, but to protect that time as well.  Of course, there will always be distractions and obstacles that present themselves.  That’s why it’s essential that your creative commitments to yourself are larger and stronger than whatever temptations cross your path.  When in doubt, try asking yourself this question:

“Will taking this action move me one step closer to my creative goals?”

Make a commitment to yourself to take one step (little steps count too!) toward your goal every day.

What habits do you currently have in place to get yourself into your studio…to begin?  Showing up is 90% of the work!

Routine and ritual are essential ingredients for sustaining creative flow.  You know yourself best.  What will work for you?  Are you more likely to run from discomfort or towards comfort?

How can you translate this knowledge about yourself into 10 ideas for habits that will get you to your studio?  Remember, you only need to find one habit that works consistently.  Try a few of your new ideas on for size until you land on the one that works.

“What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing.”   ~Aristotle